Stronger Performance and Durability

Centrifugal Horizontal Casting Exclusive in the Industry

Higher density. Finer grain structure. Uniform distribution of the alloying elements. These are hallmarks of centrifugal horizontal casting. Magnus pioneered this technique when we developed centrifugally cast traction motor support bearings. Centrifugal horizontal casting traps oxides and light density elements while the rapid chill rate improves the mechanical properties of the bronze shell.

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2.0 Cpk

Tighter Control of Critical Dimensions

Magnus Performance Limits (2.0 Cpk) consistently achieve the tightest tolerance of critical component dimensions in the industry. We cut the blueprint tolerance range by 50%. Then we precisely measure every step of the manufacturing process using the Magnus Statistical Process Control (SPC) System. Why is that important? Because in a critical product like locomotive traction motor support bearings the probability of catastrophic bearing failure increases as bearings approach the minimum or maximum tolerance range. Tighter tolerances produce superior reliability and performance.