Precision Robotic Manufacturing

Advanced robotics requires sophisticated tooling and programming.

We use state-of-the-art robotic arms and other systems to:

  • Place and remove bearings

  • Improve the accuracy of loading and handling

  • Deburr (remove sharp edges)

Our investment in robotics results in quality and precision far beyond normal hand methods.

Accuracy Soars Higher with CNC Technology

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) takes processes that used to be done manually and automates the machinery for greater speed and precision. At Magnus, we maintain tighter tolerances at every stage of manufacturing.

Why is Magnus the first choice of the railroad industry?

  • We’re specialists in high-leaded bronze and centrifugal casting for superior grain structure in the bearing bronze.

  • Our Statistical Process Control methods (SPC) maintain consistent metal chemistry and casting weight.

  • A horizontal centrifugal casting method pioneered by Magnus safeguards the integrity of the bearings.

  • Our new, improved skewed access design improves performance in the lower load zone.

  • Our skilled workers deliver tighter tolerances on critical dimensions.

  • State-of-the-art tooling decreases variations from part to part.

  • We offer patented enhancements for today’s higher performance applications.

  • At Magnus, we use advanced robotics to place and remove bearings, and pneumatic collection of bearings for re-manufacturing.